Roof Repairs That Might Be Needed To Cap And Ridge Tiles When The Mortar Is Cracked Or Crumbling

If your clay tile roof is leaking, you may have difficulty finding the leak if you just look for cracked tiles. The problem might be with the cap tiles or ridge tiles that run along the sides and top of the roof and are often sealed with cement. When you hire a roofer to check your roof for damage, they'll look at the sides as well as the top of the roof so they don't miss any cracks or holes. Read More 

Smart Options To Consider When Remodeling Your Existing Wooden Deck

Wooden decks are popular additions to many homes. Built for strength and stability, these structures provide a safe, pleasant outdoor space that family members of all ages can enjoy. But as the years pass, exposure to the elements and age combine to make wooden decks lose some of their strength and attractiveness, making them likely candidates for remodeling.  Homeowners who are looking for motivation to begin a deck remodeling project at their home can use the following information to inspire their efforts. Read More 

Mudjacking Might Be An Effective Way To Raise, Level, And Repair A Sunken Patio Or Other Slab

If you have a cracked or sinking concrete patio or sidewalk on your property, concrete mudjacking might be the solution for making repairs so you don't have to put in a new sidewalk or patio. Concrete mudjacking is an effective way to level concrete that isn't too disruptive. Plus, the work goes fast. Here's what mudjacking entails. Mudjacking Uses Cement Slurry This method of concrete leveling gets its name because the material used to raise a sunken slab looks like mud. Read More 

FAQ About Vinyl Flooring

Giving a house a renovation can make a big difference in the way it looks and can actually help with increasing value as well. However, sometimes budget constraints prevent a homeowner from making the renovations that they want due to many types of materials being so expensive. When it comes to floors, you can renovate them on a low budget by choosing the materials wisely. For instance, rather than opting for wood and other pricey materials, you can go for something more affordable such as vinyl. Read More 

Ways to Succeed With Building a Truss Roof

Trusses are roof systems that include several components which end up forming a v shape. They're standard for a lot of properties, and if you want to include one on yours, these building tips will be worth your time and attention. Have Truss Professionally Designed You shouldn't just put any type of truss on your roof because if you did, it could become damaged or it might cause problems to surrounding structures because it hasn't been installed correctly. Read More