3 Common Types Of Residential Roofing That Will Revamp Your Home’s Exterior

The roof is a crucial component of any home. Without it, a house can't be complete. But with so many options out there to choose from, selecting the right one for your home's needs can be difficult. Residential roofs are made of several materials, and you need to select one that can shield the elements prone in your area. Thankfully, a contractor can help you decide quickly. This article outlines three common types of residential roofing that can revamp your home's look.

1. Asphalt Shingles

This type of roofing is quite popular because they're affordable, durable, and economical. They're also easy to mount and come in various styles and colors suitable for different temperature ranges. In environments without extreme temperatures, these roofs can last for several years without requiring maintenance. Additionally, asphalt shingles are strong yet light. They trap air bubbles below the roof's surface, providing insulation from heat loss during cold months while allowing sunlight through during warmer months. With these roofs, you won't worry about ice damming because water doesn't pool at the base of this material. Contractors know the right length, width, and color that can produce the best results. They can help you plan your roof's layout so that it doesn't leak or get damaged in a storm.

2. Slate

This type of roofing has been around for centuries, and it's still popular today because of its durability and aesthetic appeal. It has a dark color but doesn't fade quickly and requires minimal maintenance. Slate roofs are also fireproof and can withstand high temperatures without burning or melting. If you want to add character to your home's exterior, this can be an excellent choice.

3. Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have gained popularity in recent years because of their design and durability. They provide a sleek modern look and can withstand most of mother nature's elements and any other potential disasters such as earthquakes or fires. This is due to their design, which features metal sheets that reduce condensation, promote air and water movement, and prevent mold growth. They can also endure extreme weather conditions such as high winds, hailstorms, or heavy rainfall, because their weight is distributed evenly across the entire surface, minimizing the burden that may be subjected at specific points.

You'll find metal roofs in many shapes, colors, and sizes. They're made out of aluminum, copper, or zinc to add value to your home's appearance. A contractor can help you select the right metal roofing for your project. For example, if you need an option that isn't too flashy but is environmentally friendly, they may recommend aluminum. If you're looking for something that will last a long time and add a rustic look to your home, they may suggest copper.

Your home's roofing communicates a lot about your personality and style. Hire a residential roofing contractor to help you get an aesthetically pleasing and functional, and long-lasting roof.