Why Custom Hardwood Flooring Might Be Right For Your House

Are you looking to do a bit of renovation around the house in the coming months? Are you currently looking at replacing your old, worn-out carpet? Before you head off to the carpet store, there's another option you might want to look into and that's custom hardwood flooring. Yes, custom hardwood might cost more than some carpets, but there are a variety of reasons why custom hardwood flooring may be worth the investment.

Custom Hardwood Is Ideal for Pets

Do you have a dog or cat that's been known to have an accident indoors from time to time? Whether that means an animal urinating on your carpet or an overexcited pet knocking over your glass of wine, you likely already know that it can be difficult to get a stain out of a carpet or rug. Once you have your custom hardwood installed, the next spill or accident won't seem like as big of a deal. You'll still want to respond quickly but the mess will likely be easier to clean up and you won't be able to as easily tell that something went wrong when you look at that spot on the floor in the future.

Pets can also cause serious issues if your furry friends tend to shed a lot. It can be hard to get a clump of pet hair out of the carpet once it's been embedded in there for a while. Hardwood floors will not have this problem.

Custom Hardwood Improves Your Aesthetics and Home Value

When you opt for custom hardwood floors, you are giving your house quite the glow-up. Custom hardwood floors offer a premium and warm feeling compared to the average carpet. Custom hardwood can also come in a variety of hues and finishes, allowing you to get the exact look you want that is perfect for the rest of your decor. The premium aesthetic may also help you raise your asking price if you ever put your home back on the market.

Custom Hardwood Is Easier to Clean

Beyond dealing with pet problems, hardwood floors are just easier to clean in general. You can mop the floor down on a regular basis, add some polish if you like and enjoy the shine. Dust won't end up getting buried deep inside a hard floor like it can with a carpet or rug.

The fact that it's easier to eradicate dust from a hardwood floor may also make your house a healthier place for your family. There will be fewer germs or allergens lingering around once the carpet is gone. For more information on custom hardwood floors, contact a company near you.