4 Cockroach Control Tips You Should Consider Today

When most homeowners notice a few cockroaches here and there, they are often not frightened. Often, the assumption is that the pests will leave the household. But cockroaches thrive in homes and multiply quickly when their needs are met. 

Once you see them, you should start thinking about cockroach control. The earlier you act, the easier it will be to deal with the infestation. Consider these cockroach pest control tips to get rid of these harmful critters.

1. Maintain Cleanliness in Your Home

While this tip is a no-brainer, it is vital in eliminating different pests, including cockroaches. When you maintain cleanliness, there will be less water and food for the pests, so they won't want to stay in your home any longer. 

Some best housekeeping practices you should keep in mind include taking out garbage frequently, washing dishes after every meal, keeping food in air-tight containers, and removing grease and food spots from the stove or counters. Also, clean spills and crumbs regularly, and don't forget to mop, sweep or vacuum the house daily.

2. Remove Excess Clutter

Having too much clutter in your home will not only make your living space look disorganized but also give pests like cockroaches more places to hide. Consider decluttering to make it difficult for cockroaches to hide in your house when they try to seek out water and food. Before you know it, they will leave the house or die.

3. Don't Overlook Leaks

While fixing a leaking faucet or piping system will avoid water wastage and reduce the utility bill, it will control pest infestations. Note that it's not just hunger that draws pests like cockroaches into a house. 

Roaches are excellent at spotting water sources, even if it's leaking from the sink, washing machine, or refrigerator. Once they notice that the water source is consistent, they will stick around and multiply in number. Seal all leaks to ensure you don't provide a reliable water source to these critters.

4. Avoid Hoarding Newspapers and Boxes

Other than water and food, cockroaches like newspapers and boxes. These items provide perfect hiding spots and breeding grounds. So, when you keep many cardboard boxes in the shed or garage, they will stick around. 

If you plan to clean up in spring, you will give the roaches ample time to multiply, which will create health hazards. Therefore, don't wait too long to remove these items from your house — it's better to remove them right away and clean the area.