Determining Whether Your Commercial Building Has A Foundation Problem

Is your commercial building's foundation crumbling? Are you looking for a commercial foundation repair company to fix your commercial property? Commercial buildings can gain an assortment of foundation issues like cracks, sinking, or leaking water. Foundation troubles affect your company's productivity, budget, and reputation. These foundation problems need to be repaired as soon as you spot them.

Cracks in Your Building's Foundation

Cracks in your building's foundation are a sign that there is a problem with the foundation. These cracks can be found above and below ground level. The cracks may be small and hard to see, or they may be large enough to see from the street. Therefore, it is important to have your building inspected by a professional as soon as you notice any cracks.

Doors and Windows No Longer Shut Properly

If your exterior doors and windows are no longer shutting properly, it could be due to shifting in your foundation. This is especially true if the door or window frame is bent or cracked. In some cases, a wall may be pushed out, causing the door or window frame to be pushed out as well.

Your Building's Floor Is Sloping or Sinking

The first sign of a foundation problem is a sloping or sinking floor in your building. This can be a sign that the roots of a tree near your property are pushing against the foundation. If you notice any movement in your building's floor, it's time to call in an expert for inspection.

If you're noticing cracks in walls and doors, or if there have been reports of leaks coming from under your property, you may also have problems with your home's foundation. A professional will be able to tell you whether any repairs need to be made right away or if they are minor issues that can wait.

Water Leaking Into Your Basement

If you have water leaking into your basement, it's probably a sign that there is a problem with your foundation. A common cause of this problem is "rising dampness." Rising dampness occurs when water seeps into the ground and then rises toward the surface. This is common in basements that are not properly waterproofed.

Another possible cause of water leaking into your basement is a crack or hole in the foundation wall itself. If this happens, you will usually see cracks along the side of the house or on the outside foundation walls.

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