Benefits To Adding A Skylight To Your Bathroom

One of the many ways that you can upgrade the bathroom on the top floor of your home is to add a skylight overhead. A remodeling contractor can make this change on its own or as part of a larger bathroom remodeling project. Depending on the layout of the bathroom, you may have the option of deciding where exactly you want the skylight to be in the room. You'll also be able to choose the size of skylight you want, perhaps favoring a larger one for a larger bathroom. There are lots of benefits to adding a skylight overhead in your bathroom, including these three points.

Natural Light

A lot of bathrooms don't have windows in them, especially if the bathroom is small. While a window in the bathroom can be a valuable source of natural light, it can also present some challenges. For example, it could cut into your wall storage space, which may be problematic if you have a large cabinet and other wall storage. Additionally, if the window faces a neighbor's home, you may be concerned about your privacy when you're getting in and out of the shower. A skylight overhead instead of on the wall will add natural light without these issues.


A skylight in your bathroom can also add a valuable source of ventilation. This is a room that can remain damp for a prolonged period, which can often increase the risk of mildew growth. When you choose a skylight that can open with the touch of a button, you'll allow the heat and dampness to escape upwards so that the room can dry out. Additionally, you can open the skylight to allow unpleasant odors to leave the bathroom, rather than using scented spray products when you have guests visiting.


If you're the type of person who enjoys lying in the bathtub for a prolonged period, you might get fed up with staring at the ceiling overhead. A large skylight positioned above the tub, however, can completely change the bathing experience by adding a source of beauty. For example, when you take a bath in the evening, you can look up and enjoy the night sky. With the bathroom's lights turned down low, the night sky can stand out even more overhead. During a daytime bath, you'll enjoy watching the blue sky and clouds through the skylight as you soak in the warm water. Contact a home remodeling contractor to discuss adding a skylight above your bathroom.