Smart Options To Consider When Remodeling Your Existing Wooden Deck

Wooden decks are popular additions to many homes. Built for strength and stability, these structures provide a safe, pleasant outdoor space that family members of all ages can enjoy. But as the years pass, exposure to the elements and age combine to make wooden decks lose some of their strength and attractiveness, making them likely candidates for remodeling. 

Homeowners who are looking for motivation to begin a deck remodeling project at their home can use the following information to inspire their efforts. 

Freshening the look 

Homeowners who want to give their home a newer, fresher appearance can start by replacing the wooden deck balusters and railings with another material. If the deck offers a great view or feels a bit claustrophobic, homeowners may want to choose transparent glass balusters and railings to provide a modern, more open feel when using the deck.

In addition to improving the view from the deck, homeowners will also be giving the rear of their home a fresher appearance. Homeowners who want to maintain a bit more privacy when using their deck than glass can provide may want to consider vinyl balusters and railings to replace their existing wooden ones. Opting to include this type of upgrade during a deck remodeling project can be especially helpful for homeowners who plan to sell their homes in the next few years. 

Improving the user experience

Even decks that have undergone periodic sealing or painting can splinter or crack, creating rough areas that can snag clothing and inflict minor cuts and abrasions. Opting to replace existing wooden decks with one built from composite decking materials can offer homeowners some important benefits. 

The first benefit is a kinder, gentler user experience with far less potential for sharp edges and splintered areas of wood. In addition, homeowners who opt to construct their new deck using composite decking materials can expect: 

  • to be free of periodic staining, painting, and sanding chores 
  • to expand the lifespan of the deck 
  • to make the surfaces safer for children and pets
  • to eliminate concerns about damage from termites, carpenter bees, and other pests

Extending the use

Homeowners who are planning to remodel their existing deck may also want to consider including options that will allow their families to use the deck more often. Adding canopies or shade covers, lighting, built-in seating or even an outdoor heater and entertainment center can take your deck from summer fun to year-round use at an affordable cost. 

To get started, homeowners should plan to discuss their visions for the project with a reputable deck remodeling contractor in their area.