Mudjacking Might Be An Effective Way To Raise, Level, And Repair A Sunken Patio Or Other Slab

If you have a cracked or sinking concrete patio or sidewalk on your property, concrete mudjacking might be the solution for making repairs so you don't have to put in a new sidewalk or patio. Concrete mudjacking is an effective way to level concrete that isn't too disruptive. Plus, the work goes fast. Here's what mudjacking entails.

Mudjacking Uses Cement Slurry

This method of concrete leveling gets its name because the material used to raise a sunken slab looks like mud. While the color and texture may look like mud, the material is a cement slurry that hardens as it cures. It's in a muddy state when it's pumped in so the material can be injected under the slab, but then the slurry hardens so it is strong enough to support a patio, driveway, or sidewalk slab.

The Slurry Fills Voids

Access holes have to be drilled so the slurry can be pumped under the sunken slab. This usually requires a few holes, but the holes are small and once the job is finished, the holes are filled with grout and blended in with the concrete so they are nearly invisible. The contractor uses a nozzle on the end of a long hose to inject the slurry into the holes one at a time.

One of the main reasons a slab sinks or cracks off is because of soil shifting and a void forming under the concrete. In addition to lifting and leveling the concrete, mudjacking fills in voids so the soil beneath the concrete is stabilized. The voids fill first and then the slurry slowly lifts the sunken slab until it's level.

Cracks Are Filled In Too

Once the concrete leveling is complete, the cracks should be lined up and even. The contractor fills the cracks with caulk to keep rain out and to keep the cracks from moving. The contractor can often find caulk that is a close color match so the repairs are hardly noticeable when finished.

Clean Up And Finish

When the slurry is pumped in one hole, some might come out another, so concrete mudjacking can be a little messy, but it is easy to clean up. The contractor will probably clean your concrete slab with a hose to make sure the area is tidy when they leave.

Concrete mudjacking should last for several years. This type of concrete leveling might not be right for every case of sunken concrete, but it can be used for many things. Call a mudjacking contractor to see if this method of concrete repair is right for your situation.