Pool Leaking? What May Be Causing The Leak

Over time, your swimming pool will require maintenance and repair in order for it to stay in good shape. This is the same truth for most things in your life. With your swimming pool, if you notice that you are having to add more than about two inches or so of water to the pool per week, there is a good chance you have a leak on your hands. Keep reading to learn a few of the main culprits for swimming pool leaks and how pool repair services can help.

Loose/Broken Fittings

Fittings can come loose all the time due to movement. They can also crack or break over time as they age. This is particularly true where there are joint connections. Luckily, when there are loose or broken fittings, the fix is simple and can usually be taken care of on your own without the help of a professional.

Mechanical Problems

If your pool is equipped with an automatic water fill device, then you may not notice that the water level is off. However, you may notice when you get your water bill in the mail. You may also notice if there is a chemical imbalance that leads to excess algae growth. For pools with vinyl liners, the skimmer may be the issue, and this is a relatively easy fix. You will know if this is the problem if the water falls to the bottom of the skimmer and the leak suddenly stops. If the leak is in the skimmer pipe, the pool deck may need to be ripped up, which can be a bit more complex.

Structural Damage

When structural damage is the cause of your leak, you will probably notice a crack in the pool and want to start investigating there. Leaks can also occur around fixtures like returns and lights. You can test these areas with something referred to as a dye test. You should turn off all of your pool equipment and ensure the pool water is as still as possible. Release some dye adjacent to the area where the leak is suspected. If there is indeed a leak, then the dye should be sucked into the place where the leak is occurring. You can then use a caulking agent design for pool use to fill in the area that is leaking until a more permanent solution can be performed by a professional.

If you are worried that you may have a pool leak, contact a swimming pool repair service in your local area.