Hire A Gutter Cleaning Service To Keep Your Gutters In Good Shape So Your Home Is Protected

Gutter cleaning is an essential home chore, but it might be one of your least favorite things to do. Cleaning gutters can be difficult if you're not used to working from a ladder. Plus, you may just hate digging out wet and moldy leaves. You can hire a gutter cleaning service to keep your gutters in good shape, and it's worth the expense if you can't keep up with gutter maintenance yourself. Here are a few things to know about gutter cleaning.

Digging Leaves Out By Hand Is Usually Required

Digging decaying leaves out by hand isn't the most fun thing to do, but it is gentle on your gutters and effective. If you do it yourself, be sure to wear gloves for protection. In addition to staying safe from germs, your hands will have some protection if you come across a mouse or snake hiding in the debris.

You can also use a hose and other tools, but you might end up flushing a lot of leaves into the downspout and causing a clog that's harder to remove. It's less messy if you pull the leaves out and dispose of them as you clean.

A Gutter Cleaning Service Has The Right Tools

If you want to keep your hands out of the gutters, let a professional do the work. They have the right tools needed to clean your gutters well and protect them at the same time. For instance, they have ladders that rest on the roof and avoid the gutters. One problem you could encounter when cleaning gutters yourself is denting the gutters with the ladder or when you lean against the gutters.

A Gutter Professional Can Check The Gutters Too

One advantage of getting up on a ladder and cleaning out the gutters is that it gives the gutter cleaning service a chance to see the fascia and soffit boards up close to see if they've rotted and need repairs. They can also look for loose gutter hangers, leaks in seams, and other problems with the gutters.

Since you may not stand outside in the rain and watch your gutters in action, having them examined when they're being cleaned helps you catch problems so repairs can be done when needed.

You May Need To Clean Gutters More Than Yearly

Cleaning your gutters once a year after the trees are bare is good so your gutters are cleared out and ready for cold weather. However, winter and spring can leave a lot of debris in your gutters, too. Ideally, you'll match the frequency of cleaning your gutters with the type of trees in your yard.

If you have older trees that drop twigs and debris in the gutters over the winter and spring, your gutters might clog up before the heavy rains start in late spring and summer. Your gutters should always be free of debris, so you might need to clean them out a couple of times a year.