Deck Repairs To Restore Your Pool Area With New Finishes And Features

If you have problems with the soils around your pool, it might eventually cause damage to the deck surface. Pool decks require repairs when there is damage due to loose soils or other causes. This is a great opportunity to restore these surfaces and add features to your pool area. The following pool deck repair information will give you new finishes and features.

Lifting Pool Deck Surfaces That Are Collapsing

There is often a backfill that is used around in-ground pools. This can cause problems with the deck surface as the soils start to settle. The pool deck surface of the stone or concrete deck around your pool can begin to collapse in these areas. This could be even worse if there were leaks and erosion beneath the surface. Therefore, a concrete lifting technique may need to be used in these areas to repair the collapsed areas of the surface.

Filling the Cracks in Pool Deck Surfaces

The pool decks are also vulnerable to cracks due to soil movements. This is often what happens before areas of the surface collapse. Therefore, cracks in the pool deck surface need to be filled. The filler used to repair the surfaces of pool decks is formulated differently because it needs to withstand the conditions around your pool. It needs to be resistant to damage from moisture and the chemicals used to keep the water clean.

Installing Covers and Hardware for Pool Decks

There are also covers that need to be installed for skimmers and pool equipment around the pool deck area. You may want to have these covers replaced when restoring the pool deck surface. If the covers for equipment like skimmers are damaged, they should be replaced with modern safety covers. You can also have safety covers installed to ensure your pool is safe when it is open during the summer months.

Finishing and Sealing Pool Deck Surfaces  

The finishes of your pool deck surfaces should also be refinished and sealed. This can be done with a light mortar mix and seal-coating on the surface of the deck area. When your pool deck surface needs to be repaired, sealing it and refinishing it will make it look like it has been completely resurfaced.

The issues with the damage to pool deck surfaces can be hazards that need to be repaired. Contact a pool deck repair service to deal with these issues when the surfaces around your pool are damaged.