Benefits of Hiring a Well Drilling Company to Plug up an Abandoned Well

Well drilling companies are capable of performing many key services for property owners with water wells. One service that is particularly important is well plugging. This is done to wells that have long since been abandoned and thus are no longer being used. If you have one of these wells, hiring a well drilling company to carry out this service is smart for a couple of reasons.

Verify the Well Has Been Abandoned

Before you go plugging up a well on your property, you want to make sure it is, in fact, abandoned. If it wasn't, then you could still get some use out of it and save the money because you wouldn't have to replace it. A well drilling company can quickly determine the status of the well around your property. 

They'll look at the overall condition of the water well, seeing what parts are left, and figuring out how long the well has been inactive. If their assessments show that the well truly is abandoned, then you can have them carry out the plugging service without any hesitancy.

Cap the Well Appropriately

If you have a well that can't be restored and is abandoned, then you need to hire a well drilling company to come out and cap the well. This will keep water from getting contaminated from ground conditions near the top of the well.

Capping the well isn't as easy as it looks. It requires the right drilling equipment to access the well to begin with, and the cap has to be secured appropriately. A well drilling company will be the only party that can successfully carry this step out in order to keep the water from becoming contaminated.

Restructure Ground Conditions

Once the abandoned well has been filled and capped, the ground conditions around it will probably be unstable. This poses a safety risk for anyone who tries walking around the well site. If you hire a well drilling company, you can effectively restructure the ground conditions around the well site. Dirt will be moved and secured properly so that there isn't any chance for the ground to give way and cause someone to get injured. This will prevent you from becoming liable for these types of accidents.

Having an abandoned well doesn't have to be a difficult situation. You just need to hire a well drilling company, such as Russell Well Drilling, that can come out and plug the well using appropriate standards.