4 Types Of Parking Lot Maintenance Your Company May Need To Make A Good Impression On Clients

Your clients and customers get their first impression of your company when they pull into your parking lot. As such, it's just as important to keep your parking lot clean and in good repair as it is to keep your building clean. Here are a few ways to keep up with commercial parking lot maintenance.

1. Repair Cracks And Holes

Damages such as cracks and holes tend to get bigger if they aren't repaired. You may want the asphalt checked at least once a year so cracks can be filled in. Your parking lot lasts longer and looks nicer if cracks and holes aren't scattered all over the lot. Keeping up with repairing damage is a good way to protect your parking lot and to extend its life.

2. Put On Fresh Lines

You may need fresh lines put on your parking lot every few years. Lines maintain order in a parking lot, so they should always be easy to see. New lines are often put down when your parking lot gets a new sealcoat. A sealcoat is applied every few years because it is a coating that protects your parking lot asphalt from sun and rain damage.

The sealcoat has a dark black color, so it also freshens the appearance of your lot. When the coating is topped with fresh white lines and directional arrows, your lot will be more attractive and easier for customers and clients to use.

3. Have The Lot Swept Regularly

A commercial parking maintenance company can help you decide the right schedule for sweeping the lot. If you have a lot of trees in or near the lot, the sweeping service may need to come more often when the trees start shedding leaves. Plus, if you sell food, your lot may accumulate trash a lot faster than if you operate an office building.

The frequency your lot needs to be swept could be as often as daily, but it could also be much less if it doesn't accumulate leaves, trash, and grit as often. Sweeping is an important step in commercial parking lot maintenance because it keeps the lot clean and attractive. In addition, it also gets rid of sand and grit that may scratch off the protective sealcoat.

4. Sign Up For Snow Removal Service

Another important thing you need to do for the convenience of your employees and staff is to clear ice and snow from your parking lot in bad weather. Many parking lot services work at night so the lot is clear by the time your store opens. This way, there are places to park and your lot won't be hazardous to drive and walk on.

Commercial parking lot maintenance isn't too difficult, and it makes a big difference in the way your lot looks. An attractive parking lot reflects well on your company, whereas a parking lot that's faded with weeds growing through cracks makes you look neglectful. Contact a parking lot maintenance service for more information.